In business for business

Turku Chamber of Commerce (TCC) plays a significant role in promoting interests of the commercial and industrial companies within the region of Southwest Finland. TCC was founded in 1917, and is one of oldest chamber of commerce in Finland.

Supervision of Interests

The Chamber of Commerce acts as a forum for discussion as well as applying its expertise on industrial policy within its area of operation. We shape policies on developing favourable preconditions for company activities by taking initiatives, delivering opinions, arranging meetings and seminars, and by launching joint projects.


At the present the targets for the Turku Chamber of Commerce supervision of interests include developing higher education in technology, traffic arrangements in the Turku town centre, and developing both airline and maritime traffic. The development of tourism within the region of the Chamber of Commerce is also emphasized.

Promoting market economy

An important prerequisite for the positive development of Southwest Finland is creating an atmosphere which favours industrial and commercial life as well as administration and joint activities that are more flexible than the ones presently conducted. Issues related to a working market economy and the regulation of company activities are continuously dealt with in the statements and information policies of the Chamber of Commerce.